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Quality Assurance (QA), we loved it. Know how we do it

Order planning

For each order, no matter how large or small, Project Manager uses a range of evaluation parameters to select most appropriate translator and enters a record in an electronic calendar establishing a guaranteed date for delivery.

Translator selection

The best way to guarantee excellent result and competitive price is, first and foremost, to choose the right translator for right work. PM uses electronic tools through which he and the translator interact to improve the productivity of translation and decrease the possibility of errors.

Quality management

Every order is checked for spelling and basic grammar. Major orders are reviewed by Reviewer/PM to assess the translation and assign a quality index to translator’s work. To guarantee uniformity of style and terminology, translator uses glossaries, online help and shared dictionaries.


PM directly updates the project status and delivers the translated doc with proper invoicing. He is responsible to ensure the client support and play most vital role as a link between Client and Translator in the course of entire pre-production, on-production and post-production phases of an order.

Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) is a way for us to find what customers have to say about us. Information from CSS helps us to constantly assess, update and fine-tune our Quality Assurance (QA).